First Cake Blog

Well I haven’t exactly decided what this blog will be about but since I got into writing a blog for my last class I thought I might give it a go and see what happens. A child suggested to me that I keep writing blogs because she always enjoyed them and learning at home. Who knows if my random thoughts and observations turn out to be of any educational value but you never know.

Moving away from Southampton is quite a big change and I keep noticing how expensive it is living in Dublin. I do love Dublin but all the lovely bakeries and cake shops I keep discovering are costing me a lot. Last week alone I found three different places that caught my eye and turned out to be really yummy.

Il Fornaio Caffé on College Green has the most delicious pastries which are very expensive but worth it as a treat. Whoever thought of using lots of nutella in their pastries is genius.
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Thunders Home Bakery in Drumcondra is a nice traditional bakery with lovely cakes worth trying. Every morning walking to work I passed Thunders and told myself  I would be sensible and not buy anything but by Friday I couldn’t resist and had to drop in. Well worth the wait all week. Image result for thunders bakery drumcondra

Later that day as I was meeting my brother for lunch I passed Arnotts but noticed a window of cookies. Intrigued, I walked in and saw you could have cookie Ice-cream sandwiches. This lovely place is called Creamed Cookies which has a variety of cookies and doughnuts. I managed to get out with only five different varieties of cookies one which included red velvet.

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So my first week of working in Dublin has turned out very well but expensive. I haven’t decided if I should ban myself from buying anymore delicious confectionary or continue. Either way they are being shared with others over a mug of tea so I guess that what counts.