Adults and Children

Since moving home and taking a break from teaching the same question keeps popping up in my head are adults emotionally more mature than children? As a child you learn to communicate in many different ways and how feelings can affect the way you do things. But as an adult do we really use what we have learnt as a child to help us navigate through life?

There has been so many times I have talked to a child about communication and how powerful it can be in solving issues. Time and time again I have talked about how their actions can affect how people perceive them. Repeating these lessons hopefully helps them maneuver their way around the playground and keep them from doing silly things which will result in broken friendships.

But, as adults do we really communicate how we feel enough or even understand our emotions? On many occasions I’ve been asked what is that child is trying to communicate with their behaviour and then I start to think what are the people around me trying to communicate to others? When people around me stop talking or just get angry I become worried and want to help. I become frustrated at my inability to help even though I’m thinking of numerous different ways I might be of support. I may be on a break from teaching but I still feel that same overwhelming need to help others around me even though I might not be able to much.

I just wonder do we ever really mature enough to understand our own emotions?

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