Losing a Pet



It is a very odd feeling losing a pet especially one that my family shared 13 years of their lives with. Spotty was a wonderful black and white cat who always put a smile on my face. In the end he got very sick and I hope now he is now at rest.

A pet if looked after properly becomes part of the family in so many ways. When my Dad died my family became 8 but now it is 7 which doesn’t sound right at all. I wonder how my cat Smokey will cope in the long run and how we will all cope?

I am an animal lover and believe in the benefits of having a pet in any family. A pet can teach children responsibility and compassion. Cats are also pretty good at lowering blood pressure and sometimes can detect when blood sugar levels are low in a person. The way a person looks after an animal tells you a lot about their own nature.

I will miss everything about Spotty his purring, laziness and lovely fluffy fur. I now hope my two cats Spotty and Garfield are happy together again.



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