Sometimes it can be so easy to think negatively about everything while forgetting the good things around you. I’m still frustrated in life but things seem to be moving the right direction slowly. I need to acknowledge the small but significant things happening around me more.

I’ve also realised that I need to remember all the good memories I’ve had over the years with my family. I recently went to where I first lived in Dublin, Sandycove and all those good memories came back to me. I forgot how nice it was living out there with just my Mom, Dad and Brother. As a young child what could be better than living in an apartment looking out to the sea?

IMG_20170612_082405_801.jpgWith my brother and Mom we went to a lovely food market and antiques fair. I’m a sucker for a market or antiques. My Mom said to us both “it was lovely living out here I was able to walk everywhere it was all so close”. In a place like Sandycove all the shops and houses are so close to each other, also living beside the beach why would you drive anywhere when your surroundings are so stunning?

IMG_20170612_082015_377.jpgEverywhere you walk is worth exploring from the interesting shops or pier with stunning views.

We walked along the pier and I just wondered what it would have been like if we stayed in Dun Laoghaire? I most likely would have stayed in St Annes primary school which happened to be in a lovely terraced house. Who really knows but it does make me wonder.

I have great memories of my cousins coming to visit and playing monopoly with my Dad. I can remember my Granny visiting and going down to the beach with her. Generally I can remember lots of wonderful visitors. You never really appreciate all you have as a child I know I certainly didn’t.

I loved going to Sandycove beach and dipping my feet in the water. Even though it was really cold it made me really want to live beside a beach again. My Mom smiling and walking along the beach really topped off an enjoyable day. It’s been a while since I’ve heard my mum talking fondly about things and smiling. IMG_20170612_081520_633 (1).jpgGoing back made really happy and sad at the same time. It made me think of a far simpler time when there was only myself and my brother. There was no sickness taking hold of my family or negativity bubbling all around. Life just seemed happier especially with my Dad around.