The Old Miss Kelly

I am learning very fast that the way you recruit a teacher in Ireland is very different to England. I got a call from a principal asking me to do supply in their school this week nothing like England where you go through a supply agency. First day in I realised that I was filling in for a role never filled this September. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to read paper work on children. So fingers crossed I actually get the job and just stay on in the school.

On Friday I had to cover a class in the morning and I felt like the old Miss Kelly was finally back. I was teaching a well behaved class who wanted to be in school and got on with each other. For a while I was getting increasingly frustrated thinking what did I do leaving a permanent job to move back to Ireland? There is only so much patience I have but it is so important to have it or you can get really angry and down.

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Good news is I can teach five days and then have to take a day off before I am registered with the teaching council. Finally I feel like things might be working out so lets hope I get registered with the teaching council soon.

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Finding Memories

So today I finally brought in the last box of stuff that came from England, mainly books and cooking utensils. I did happen to find my box of stamps and a few wonderful things from children I taught. Over my few years of teaching I have managed to amas such an amount of cards and items children have made me. Obviously everything is worth keeping.

I found some funny and wonderful things that made me smile. Despite all the not so good things that happened so many great things happened to.

I remember one morning being greeted by a girl in my class and her mother. The mother explained she couldn’t sleep so decided to write me a poem which she wasn’t sure was insulting but cautiously allowed me have it. The poem was all about being Irish and how great she thought I was as a teacher.


I’m not sure I smell like an Irish leaf but I would never reject being the queen of Irish Teachers. It appears all my talk about being Irish really sunk in.

If anyone knows me well they know I love Garfield and if a pupil doesn’t know then I really haven’t unleashed the true Miss Kelly. I’ve got lots of cards from children who have drawn Garfield in cards but one child went as far as drawing me a Garfield card.


You just have to love the card and the artistic ability displayed.

I really love all the little cards, pictures and random things I get from pupils because they remind of the best qualities of children. It just shows how what you say or are interested in really does have an effect on pupils. I’m really hoping at some point soon I will be teaching again and more wonderful things will come my way. Lets hope moving back to Ireland was really worth it.