The Old Miss Kelly

I am learning very fast that the way you recruit a teacher in Ireland is very different to England. I got a call from a principal asking me to do supply in their school this week nothing like England where you go through a supply agency. First day in I realised that I was filling in for a role never filled this September. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to read paper work on children. So fingers crossed I actually get the job and just stay on in the school.

On Friday I had to cover a class in the morning and I felt like the old Miss Kelly was finally back. I was teaching a well behaved class who wanted to be in school and got on with each other. For a while I was getting increasingly frustrated thinking what did I do leaving a permanent job to move back to Ireland? There is only so much patience I have but it is so important to have it or you can get really angry and down.

Image result for patience

Good news is I can teach five days and then have to take a day off before I am registered with the teaching council. Finally I feel like things might be working out so lets hope I get registered with the teaching council soon.

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