One Year On

It’s been so long since I blogged and realize, that I’m know a fully fledged Irish primary school teacher who is content with what they are doing. I’ve done a lot things this year which I would have never done in England due to lack of time. I started yoga, doing art classes, saw some great movies, started baking again and visited Paris. My love of art has really been ignited again.

This year I have managed to do a variety of art which has turned out quite interesting. It’s been nice to actually be creative and do some random art.

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I never really understood why my class were so calm last year doing cosmic kids yoga but now I know. It’s been great to exercise but also tap into my inner calm.

My love of cinema has really developed and I’ve managed to see some great movies while also discovering wonderful music. I will continue to love Call Me By Your Name and the music by Sufjan Stevens.

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I got to see the movie Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson which I would recommend anyone to see, it was so interesting and well made.
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This year has proved really good for female leads, Mollies Game and I Tonya both had strong females actresses. Mollies game appealed to slight gambler in me. I Tonya just had brilliant actresses who brought to life real life people.

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I was lucky enough to win tickets for Early Man which was so funny and really was up there with the other Ardman films.

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I have always loved baking and have managed to make some nice desserts. Alcoholic desserts are some of the best. Chocolate cake and whiskey brownies are really good.

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Recently I went to Paris and my dream of finally seeing Monet’s Garden was realized. Despite all the other people there it was well worth the journey, I can see why Monet was so inspired to paint. 

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I can’t believe it was nearly 8 years since I went to Paris but it was worth the wait. It was
great to see so much with a friend who was just as interested in everything I was. I
thought I had seen so much the last time but this time I saw so many new things. I passed
a Piñata shop which was so cool. I would definitely recommend wandering around Paris
and exploring it you never know what you’ll find.

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This year has really made me realise how much I lost myself just as a person when I was teaching in England. You start to forget that you can still be passionate about teaching and still have your own personal life. My current work life balance is something I only could dream of. Overall, I think my move back has been the right choice it may not be perfect all the time but it’s so much better.


Independent Film

Since coming home to Dublin I have started going to the cinema a lot. I have been seeing a wide variety of independent films which really have made me far more interested in going to the cinema. As a person who loves getting popcorn I have refused to go to big cinemas but have gone to the Light House Cinema and Irish Film Institute. Overall the experience is more enjoyable and far cheaper.

I now have a list of great films and documentaries well worth watching.

  1. Kedi
  2. Loving Vincent
  3. Hunt for the Wilder People
  4. Call Me By Your Name
  5. Hokusai: Old Man Crazy to Paint                                                                                                            Image result for kedi

Honestly apart from ‘The Aristocats’ ‘Kedi’ is my favourite cat film/documentary. Well worth a watch if you like Istanbul and cats.


Image result for wood block art hokusaiHokusai: Old Man Crazy to Paint:I never knew how interesting Hokusai was or how wonderful Japanese art was. The documentary really opened my eyes to how much work is put into wood block art. It tells you so much about Hokusai and makes you want to see the Exhibition in the British Museum.


Image result for loving vincentWell who couldn’t love a movie made out of oil paintings, 65,0000 to be exact. Loving Vincent is a visual masterpiece well worth watching. The story is fine,not terribly exciting but turning Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings into a movie,genius. Considering it took so long to make and 125 artists to complete I highly doubt a movie like this will be made any time soon.

Related imageI am now starting to appreciate directors bodies of work so much more and Taika Waititi doesn’t disappoint with ‘Thor’ or ‘In the Shadows’. Hunt For The Wilderpeople is a funny,yet sad film all rolled into the New Zealand bush.I really enjoyed the whole story of a foster child and his foster Dad evading capture in the bush. It’s the type of film where you really get invested in the characters stories.

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Finally Call Me By Your Name is one of the most surprising films of the year that I loved. As I write this blog I am listening to the soundtrack on repeat as it really is such a good film, with outstanding music. If you like Ravel piano pieces and songs by Sufjan Stevens then you are in for a treat.It is a beautifully shot film in Italy all about discovering who you are and being true to yourself. Trying to make sense of being gay in the 80’s is quite a monumental thing,especially when you don’t know who will accept you. Even though the story doesn’t have the most exciting plot,the film develops in such a way that all you care about is the two main characters finding happiness. I would go and see this film again in a heartbeat.

I have come to realise that rip off cinemas are just not my thing and cheap tickets with large buckets of popcorn is. After seeing so many wonderful independent films I would recommend seeing more because they really are the most memorable films.

Being Happy

What does it mean to be happy? I ask myself that all the time but always come up with different answers.

1. Having lots of friends.

2. Having a job you love.

3. Family you can rely on.

4. Hobbies during the week.

5. Holiday’s to look forward to.

I find having a job you love and hobbies help when everything else isn’t so great. Friends have always confused me you leave the country they’re lost, you come back they still are lost. There are only a few people who I truely consider to be a good friend because I don’t always question their intentions.

Maybe happiness is knowing who you are in a world that is ever changing and always a little confusing. Maybe I’ll always ask this question because I always question who I am as a person?


The Old Miss Kelly

I am learning very fast that the way you recruit a teacher in Ireland is very different to England. I got a call from a principal asking me to do supply in their school this week nothing like England where you go through a supply agency. First day in I realised that I was filling in for a role never filled this September. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to read paper work on children. So fingers crossed I actually get the job and just stay on in the school.

On Friday I had to cover a class in the morning and I felt like the old Miss Kelly was finally back. I was teaching a well behaved class who wanted to be in school and got on with each other. For a while I was getting increasingly frustrated thinking what did I do leaving a permanent job to move back to Ireland? There is only so much patience I have but it is so important to have it or you can get really angry and down.

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Good news is I can teach five days and then have to take a day off before I am registered with the teaching council. Finally I feel like things might be working out so lets hope I get registered with the teaching council soon.

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Finding Memories

So today I finally brought in the last box of stuff that came from England, mainly books and cooking utensils. I did happen to find my box of stamps and a few wonderful things from children I taught. Over my few years of teaching I have managed to amas such an amount of cards and items children have made me. Obviously everything is worth keeping.

I found some funny and wonderful things that made me smile. Despite all the not so good things that happened so many great things happened to.

I remember one morning being greeted by a girl in my class and her mother. The mother explained she couldn’t sleep so decided to write me a poem which she wasn’t sure was insulting but cautiously allowed me have it. The poem was all about being Irish and how great she thought I was as a teacher.


I’m not sure I smell like an Irish leaf but I would never reject being the queen of Irish Teachers. It appears all my talk about being Irish really sunk in.

If anyone knows me well they know I love Garfield and if a pupil doesn’t know then I really haven’t unleashed the true Miss Kelly. I’ve got lots of cards from children who have drawn Garfield in cards but one child went as far as drawing me a Garfield card.


You just have to love the card and the artistic ability displayed.

I really love all the little cards, pictures and random things I get from pupils because they remind of the best qualities of children. It just shows how what you say or are interested in really does have an effect on pupils. I’m really hoping at some point soon I will be teaching again and more wonderful things will come my way. Lets hope moving back to Ireland was really worth it.

The National Gallery of Ireland

Well finally The National Gallery feels like a national gallery. I had the joy of going into the newly renovated gallery. It is wonderfully laid out and spacious. For quite a while now I’ve gone to the gallery feeling a little disappointed that the gallery only was able to show a certain amount of it’s art but now I am very happy.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop not knowing what to choose. Every room is well spaced out and it doesn’t feel overrun with too much art. Even all the stairs caught my eye it was so grand. I particularly liked the portrait collection and the portrait of the Poet Michael Longley who I studied for Leaving Cert made me smile.

Image result for michael longley painting

So for anyone who loves art and beautiful surroundings The National Gallery is for you.

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An Evening in Dublin

I haven’t written a blog in ages and I just thought tonight feels right. My life seems to be on the cusp of going somewhere but who knows when I will finally progress where I want to. Who really knows if everything will actually fit into place for me or whether I will be still stuck in nomad’s land with my family not teaching.

I’ve come to realise that when everyone is in a reasonable mood  things are just so much better. One brother is off in the Gaeltacht for a few weeks and I have got to say it has been great having a bit more space in the house. Everyone in my house seems to be in a pretty good mood and the house renovations seem to be moving along slowly but surely.

For the second week running I went to the Irish Film Institute with my Mom and Brother. We also ate out again which was lovely after great movies. Last week I saw Kedi and this week Inside Out both fantastic for very different reasons.

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My brother Alex had been trying to persuade my Mom into going to see Kedi a documentary about cats in Istanbul for ages. My Mom does  not like the darkness of the cinema but reluctantly agreed to go just because we do love cats. I must say it was the most delightful documentary I’ve seen about animals. It was like a love letter to the cats in Istanbul and how much joy they bring to peoples lives. It was fascinating to see the cats roaming about but also to listen to all the people who selflessly looked after the cats. This documentary really restores your faith in humanity and I would definitely go see it.


Image result for inside out

This week I went to see Inside Out with my Mom and Alex which turned out to be wonderful in ways I never thought. Inside Out taps into the subtleties of emotions while keeping you on the edge of seat all the way through. The music was wonderful and then as Pixar do they created a film which was easy on the eyes but exciting at the same time. Inside Out made you realise things about emotions without actually shouting it out or pushing it in your face. I don’t think I’ve ever had tears in my eyes over an imaginary friend being lost. It was a truly magical movie and should be watched by everyone not just children.

After each movie we went out for food and just talked which is something as a family we need to do more. Dublin is always a nice city to eat out in and just generally to walk about. I think there is too much pressure on families to do big things together but it’s the small simple things that are the best. Remembering we can just be average and do average things is nice for a change.



Sometimes it can be so easy to think negatively about everything while forgetting the good things around you. I’m still frustrated in life but things seem to be moving the right direction slowly. I need to acknowledge the small but significant things happening around me more.

I’ve also realised that I need to remember all the good memories I’ve had over the years with my family. I recently went to where I first lived in Dublin, Sandycove and all those good memories came back to me. I forgot how nice it was living out there with just my Mom, Dad and Brother. As a young child what could be better than living in an apartment looking out to the sea?

IMG_20170612_082405_801.jpgWith my brother and Mom we went to a lovely food market and antiques fair. I’m a sucker for a market or antiques. My Mom said to us both “it was lovely living out here I was able to walk everywhere it was all so close”. In a place like Sandycove all the shops and houses are so close to each other, also living beside the beach why would you drive anywhere when your surroundings are so stunning?

IMG_20170612_082015_377.jpgEverywhere you walk is worth exploring from the interesting shops or pier with stunning views.

We walked along the pier and I just wondered what it would have been like if we stayed in Dun Laoghaire? I most likely would have stayed in St Annes primary school which happened to be in a lovely terraced house. Who really knows but it does make me wonder.

I have great memories of my cousins coming to visit and playing monopoly with my Dad. I can remember my Granny visiting and going down to the beach with her. Generally I can remember lots of wonderful visitors. You never really appreciate all you have as a child I know I certainly didn’t.

I loved going to Sandycove beach and dipping my feet in the water. Even though it was really cold it made me really want to live beside a beach again. My Mom smiling and walking along the beach really topped off an enjoyable day. It’s been a while since I’ve heard my mum talking fondly about things and smiling. IMG_20170612_081520_633 (1).jpgGoing back made really happy and sad at the same time. It made me think of a far simpler time when there was only myself and my brother. There was no sickness taking hold of my family or negativity bubbling all around. Life just seemed happier especially with my Dad around.



Art and Children

In the past week I’ve been to two exhibitions which were aimed at children. Both exhibitions were great one for children and another by school children. I happened to be passing Draiocht in Blanchardstown and came across the exhibition ‘A History of Play’ by Eamon O’Kane which allows children play.

Image result for A History of Play by Eamon O'Kane draiocht

I thought it was a really creative exhibition and really included children in a way that I had never seen before.

I also was lucky enough to pop into the National Gallery in Dublin and saw a lovely exhibition called Imagining Ireland in 2116. Children in primary and secondary schools had entered pictures into a competition with the winners been shown in the national gallery.

Image result for Imagining Ireland in 2116

It was interesting to see what children thought Ireland would be like in 2116. I particularly liked a picture with The General Email office and Mars Lingus.

Not every child is very academic but there is no limit to creativity. I think it is so important that exhibitions are made more child friendly in some way to hopefully inspire children to think outside the box and continue with creative projects. Overall I am very happy being able to see more art and find wonderful exhibitions like these ones.

Losing a Pet



It is a very odd feeling losing a pet especially one that my family shared 13 years of their lives with. Spotty was a wonderful black and white cat who always put a smile on my face. In the end he got very sick and I hope now he is now at rest.

A pet if looked after properly becomes part of the family in so many ways. When my Dad died my family became 8 but now it is 7 which doesn’t sound right at all. I wonder how my cat Smokey will cope in the long run and how we will all cope?

I am an animal lover and believe in the benefits of having a pet in any family. A pet can teach children responsibility and compassion. Cats are also pretty good at lowering blood pressure and sometimes can detect when blood sugar levels are low in a person. The way a person looks after an animal tells you a lot about their own nature.

I will miss everything about Spotty his purring, laziness and lovely fluffy fur. I now hope my two cats Spotty and Garfield are happy together again.